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Our company is a new dawn for cryptocurrency trading and investment business as well. We’ve done our best to provide every person with an opportunity to try his/her hand in investing, applying a special system of automatic redistribution of investors’ funds. Each deposit is not a separate investment for us, but it replenishes the total amount of our working capital, which is also flexibly redistributed among the most experienced traders, working on various cryptocurrency exchanges.

Moreover, taking into account the growth rates of the cryptocurrency value, a quite large fraction of income is provided by our constant investments into the mining capacities. Thus, regardless of the situation on the market, we always have a strong margin of safety and make all of the payments to investors in strict accordance with the schedule.

Company Number 10869843

Telephone: +442038087824


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Our call center staff and customer service managers are ready to answer any questions from investors around the clock – after all, we work with investors from all over the globe.

Protected Servers is using one of the most experienced, professional and trusted DDoS protection and mitigation provider to protect website against cyber attacks.


Each of our investors can count on the ironclad guarantee of his/her personal data security and the invested funds safety – our hardware and algorithms are uncompromising.

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